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Who We Are

Principal Accountant

Jonathan Davis FFA/FIPA, FFTA, FCMI, FAIA, began a long professional career, by taking care of his clients from the front room of the family home, in the suburbs of NW London. He faced many challenges from a number of varying enterprises, all seemingly to operate within a unique accounting system of their very own! Within a short while, he gained the confidence from a grateful clientele, and his small private practice grew in size, but never losing sight of the paramount requirement, to always provide a highly professional approach that would be totally committed to delivering an unparalleled service.

Our Firm


Jonathan Davis is dedicated to serving the needs of businesses, mainly SMEs and "start-ups", and utilises consultants whom have provided expert services to the community over a number of years. Our practice was created in order that the fields of expertise, combining both accountancy and information technology, so often required by business but so often prohibitively expensive, are brought together in a highly proficient operation.

Why do you need Jonathan Davis ?

  • Save money - "pay-as-you-go" service available by arrangement

  • Conserve your valuable resources - allow us to project manage your I.T. requirements

  • We can computerise your books & accounts, while you deal with your business needs

  • No specialised I.T. employees to manage (We will take care of everything)

  • Financial and I.T. Security - we only use the most modern anti-virus software

  • Safety - regulated by the rules & regulations of a professional institute

  • Growth management - consultations to update you on current developments in I.T.

  • We will always try to conduct operations in your time

  • Peace of mind - all tasks and projects must be signed-off by client as complete

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