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DCP - Disaster Control Plan

To provide a both a structured and centralised plan for senior management; to enable them to ensure as far as possible the seamless continuation of trading by your company, in the events of minor to catastrophic disasters.  

The initial Disaster Control Plan will be created to assist in dealing with the above requirements; and then will evolve into a Recovery Plan; and subsequently form the basis for a more comprehensive Business Continuity Plan.


Everything looks fine, so what can possibly go wrong ?

External types of disaster: 

  • Major supplier has fire at factory/warehouse (minor, medium, major)

  • Withdrawal of labour (strikes, etc.)

  • Severe/adverse weather conditions

Technological types of disaster:

  • Computer network goes down

  • E-mails can neither be received nor sent

  • Telephony system failure

Accommodation types of disaster:

  • Office area(s) becomes unworkable

  • Office furniture is damaged

  • Utilities are unusable

You service and insure your car, you maintain and insure your home, you protect andinsure your health/life - so what do you do about your business and livelihood ???

Many companies have business interruption insurance cover - but how do you best protect the ability to be up and running ASAP  - and with the absolute minimum loss of trading ???  

If you can not serve your customers very soon, there may well be many others that will be only too glad to fill the void left by your inability to trade. You may well claim back an insured percentage of your losses, but how will you - if ever - get back all the loss of business ???

The Solution:  Your company needs a clear path of engagement, that is designed to create a structured plan of action for its' protection - 






A Disaster Control Plan »           
= it allows you to take control of the situation; not being overtaken by events 


A Disaster Recovery Plan »       
= it means recovering in as little down time as possible; no damaging delays



A Business Continuity Plan »    
= it shows continuity to both staff and customers; maintain profits & liquidity                                              










With your foresight and planning = it can be business as usual !

React = Read + Evaluate + Action

Read the manual - evaluate the situation - action the plan ! 


Prioritisation of Disaster:


Level 1

- Local internal (e.g. disruption to power)

Level 2  

- Local internal (e.g. minor flooding - individual workstations)

Level 3 

- Local centralised (e.g. major flooding - including I.T. and/or server rooms)

Level 4 

- Local centralised (e.g. major fire-local explosion)

Decide upon the most applicable level !


Let us help you to create a professionally written plan, that both helps and guides your business through the incident(s). Do not risk your business by being force led as events unfold, but be prepared and able to pro-actively rebuild your livelihood at the earliest moment.

Safeguard your company today ! 

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